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Well. “Momtographer” is actually a made up word. Surprising? I know but it’s the best descriptor for who I am. Keep reading and I think you’ll agree!

I am Christina the person behind the scenes and the camera. A literal leaving, breathing contradiction; an introverted extrovert. You heard me right. When I’m around people I have such a drive to connect and love them but some days it comes at a price. The price being me wanting to snuggle up in my leggings(who has time for pajama pants) and watch some anime.

Yes. Yes I did say anime. If I’ve lost you there, blame my husband, he got me hooked. Hey don’t knock it if you haven’t tried it!

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I’ve also watched “The Office” about 10 times straight through, and do not have one single regret. ( I thoroughly cried through Pam and Jim’s Wedding and when Michael left, loud and proud tears).

I’m married to a passionately creative man, Jordan, who just so happens to be a photographer and my go to second shooter! ( Continue below to read some great stuff from your second photographer). He always pushes me to reach for my dreams and has me by his side to reach for his. He is the perfect addition to my personality and I am truly blessed to have him by my side as a photographer, spouse and parent.

You probably already guessed, but yes I am a mom to 3 little humans! Every single one was a total surprise and I could not be more happy to be their mommy. My eldest, Sora, is a kind, creative and determined little leader who loves to build with Legos! Jovi, the middle child, is a crazy smart, empathetic and emotion filled firecracker that loves to dance!  Last but not least, Levi, a ball full of energy that I’m pretty sure is going to be like 6’4.(Seriously, the boy is growing like a weed). I’m blessed to get to stay a home with them and watch them learn more and more each day as well as learning from them as well. Yeah, yeah I know that’s a super cliche’ line but it’s totally true, for real!

I am just a tiny bit sarcastic and maybe a smidge of quirky. I will do whatever it takes to get my clients to have genuine smiles during their session. Just wait until you see my best trick.. I will probably tear up at your reception and most definitely will shed tears at all the parents dances. My momma heart just can not take it! Your day matters to me, your mentality on your day matters to me. It’s not just about taking pictures to me, it is about making connection with you so I can capture you in your most authentic state. Let me explain my heart here.

I am a Jesus follower.

That’s the most important to me. If you’ve been burned or even scorched by a Christian. I get it, which is why I said Jesus follower. I do not believe in religion. Nope, I believe in relationship with the one who washed away my fear and sin. I will not shove what I believe on you or judge you for what you do believe but I will love and care for as a brother or sister just as Christ does. That’s it. I’ll love you!